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Adoptable - Child and Companion 
Sold on deviant Art =)
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Wolf Link Transformation
Guess what game I’ve been watching lately? e u e I still haven’t finished this bloody game, believe it or not. 
Anyway, felt very inspired to draw Link mid-way through his transformation into wolf form.
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shaburdies did some really quick sketches of the Sailor Scouts and I asked her if I could clean it up. So here it is. It’s rough, but it was fun cleaning up over really rough lines and sticking to them.

OH MY GOD. this is so amazing, i’m so happy, i can’t believe how ben made it look so GOODDDDD
the original here:
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by Anne Emond
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maj 16th | 4 notki Commision -The Summer when it Snowed
Another commission for K.A. Merikan.
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tried to genderbend my oc Shuu~
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Coloured pencils =)